1st Floor, C & G Plaza
672/2 Mwai Kibaki Road, Mikocheni B
Dar es Salaam - Tanzania
Tel. +255 715 566 533, E-mail:mnr@cer-energia.it
Clean Energy for everybody and healty agricolture
Maendeleo na Rasilimali LTD
Our customers worldwide range from industry and infrastructure such as oil, gas and petrochemical companies, power generation or transportation through Data & IT major players to cutting edge renewable energy plants and agriculture technologies.

Our extensive products and services portfolio will bridges both AC and DC power technologies and delivers comprehensive solutions for both conventional and renewable energy sources as well as for a broad range of demanding and specialist industrial applications where reliability and efficiency are of crucial importance.
Maendeleo na Rasilimali (T) LTD (MnR) is a Tanzanian company which uses the widely abundant resources for production of electricity (Renewable Energy), Water, Agriculture and Agroindustry. MnR was established on October 2015.
MnR is the Tanzanian side of a broad global company, with expertizing in the energy and agro science. We are a small structure, involved in great projects. Our tags are energy and agricolture and we have high skilling in every renewable source, ranging from biogaz, hydraulics, wind, biomass. We are involved with the algae to fuel projects of ENI and in the flare gas to energy topics, biogas from garbages but also the last technologies to produce directly fuel.