CER - Compagnia per l'Energia Rinnovabile

A better word, to be lived. Towns with a crystalline sky and fertile fields. A world where to live comfortably, in a clean and healthy environment. In short, we are talking about welfare!
At CER we trust in all that. We still believe in strong ideas and we pretend to transmit them to our childs. We think that welfare is a world heritage and we want to be the actors.

Rational use of resources. Clean and renewable energy. Farming without pesticides. For us all that belongs to the same feelings, and this is the reason we love our job.

We produce energy with such an idea. By wind, sun and biomas, or perhaps using what is thrown away as garbage, but still it is precious and useful.
we are
Compagnia per l'Energia Rinnovabile

Via Rovereto, 3
20127 Milano - Italia
Tel. (+39) 02 26110652