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At the Ragusa site we use various technologies for the production of renewable energy

Power plants

The wind, the sun and everything that is thrown away, but which is still preciously useful for us, are our key resources.

The facilities

Our facilities share common goals: work safely, produce at low cost and save energy.

The laboratories

Much of the analysis requires sophisticated laboratories. Within our facility we have instruments for the main measurements on water and gas.

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We work to improve the world we live in. We care about the health of the planet and to do so we use the best technology in the field. We believe in renewable energy and constantly invest in research.

We are ISO9001 certified, an extra guarantee of quality for our customers.

100 kMWh
energy produced to date
50 ktMg
recovered co2

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"The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy."
Arnold Schwarzenegger