The Ragusa technology park

At the Ragusa site we use various technologies for the production of renewable energy:

  • a wind farm
  • a plant that uses waste gaseous from oil extraction
  • photovoltaic power plants
  • biogas and gas production plants from wood pyrolysis

The extra heat is transmitted in a small district heating network for the air conditioning of buildings in winter and partly transformed into cold water, with an absorption system, for summer air conditioning.


The Ragusa wind farm

We prefer wind to fossil fuels to produce renewable energy.

There are not many plants that are located within an industrial complex: this makes our wind farm easily accessible.

The wind farm represents a real tourist attraction: many visitors every year they are welcomed and guided internally by our precious team that explains how it works.

The plant has a power of 2 MW and produces over 4,000 MWh / year. The tower is 80 meters high and each of the three blades is 43 meters long. Ragusa uses this good giant, which everyone calls the Aeolian Pole, as a reference point.


Photovoltaic power plants

We use the sun to produce energy.

It is possible to build canopies that generate electricity with photovoltaic panels.

We at CER have developed an efficient prefabrication technique for canopies that provide optimal shade, chasing the sun from east to west.

The activity at the plant is frenetic and spaces are never enough, especially for conducting experimental tests that require covered but well-ventilated spaces.

The standard modules are 50 kW. We check all the panels and their correct functioning using a powerful monitoring software and, under them, when possible, we let nature grow a nice turf.


Flare gas

The flare gas is usually burned in the vicinity of oil wells and refineries. This gas is so responsible for climate change that an alternative is to try to revive it in the bowels of the earth or to liquefy it. Much of these processes or they cost too much or don’t work well.

In our gas plant, we extract carbon dioxide and purify it for use to various uses, including beverages. The part of the gas that remains, we use it for produce energy.

We save more greenhouse gases than a 300 MW photovoltaic plant with 3,000,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels!

We produce around 30,000 MWh of energy, equal to the consumption of 25,000 inhabitants.