CER – Company for Renewable Energy

Our mission is tinged with green: environmental well-being is synonymous with social well-being because for us, taking care of the planet, means taking care of ourselves.

At CER we look at renewable energy as a value to be transmitted and a seed to be cultivated. Therefore, our daily work is a guarantee for our children to breathe clean air and live in a better world.

The blue skies, the unpolluted atmosphere, the fertile and vital soils are not fairy tales to be told, but scenarios to be safeguarded.

The intelligent use of resources, the production of clean energy and the choice of organic farming are part of the same logic for us.

We want to act personally in building a sustainable future. Let’s energize with this thought in mind.

The wind, the sun and everything that is thrown away but which is still preciously useful for us, are our key resources.